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20 Ways to Add the Fun Factor to Your Wedding.

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lancaster wedding photographer

Looking for a few ways to get that something EXTRA to your big day? Well look no further, as in this blog I am going to be showing you twenty brilliant ways to bring the fun factor to your wedding. Let us go….

Lancaster wedding photography

1. Sweet tables

Give favours and fun times all in one go with a sweetie table. Provide a retro paper bag in your chosen wedding colour, and let adults and your little guests too, dive in. Create different themes with your choice of sweets – a chocoholic’s dream with a luxurious chocolate fountain, a DIY cake table, or retro sweets ONLY that will have your guests reliving their childhood!

Lancaster wedding photography dog at a wedding

2. Perfect pets

Through and through we are a nation of animal lovers! More and more couples are choosing to not only bring along their beloved pets to their own wedding but have them especially groomed and even dressed for the occasion with floral decorated collars and accessories to suit the theme of the day! Whether you are a pet owner/lover or not you may initially think this sounds a bit much, however we challenge anyone not ADORE real wedding pics of the wedding couple posing with their furry addition!

Lancaster wedding photography brand playing at wedding

3.Hire a Band

The music is such a key part of the entertainment at a wedding, and as much as a decent playlist can do the job, there is something a bit more special about having live music; I mean imagine doing your first dance with a live accompaniment. There are all sorts of types of musicians that you can hire for your wedding too depending on the vibe. You fancy an old-school big band, or something heavier which will have all your guests rocking out.

Lancaster wedding photography games at a wedding

4. Garden games

Rekindle the magic of school sports day with some garden activities to get everyone involved and making memories. We are talking cricket, rounders, egg and spoon, heck – build your own obstacle course if you want to, the choice is yours! Have fun with it and indulge in some healthy competition.

Lancaster wedding photography man playing games at a wedding

5. organise a Firework Display

Win serious fun points in the eyes of all your guests, and of course if the wedding budget allows, arrange for a surprise firework finale! It is the last thing they will see before they head home, so it is guaranteed to stick in your guests’ minds when they look back on such a fantastic day! Some of our wedded couples have even surprised one another with a firework display not to be forgotten and the perfect end to their perfect day…how romantic!

Lancaster wedding photography man playing games at a wedding

6. Hire a Circus Performer

To really wow your wedding guests, hiring a circus performer for late-night entertainment could be just the ticket. With everything from jugglers and sword swallowers to fire breathers and aerial performers available for hire, you can really give your guests something to remember.

Lancaster wedding photography man playing games at a wedding

7. Ahh the Good Old Photo Booth

Its popularity never seems to cease, and with good reason. There is just something particularly fun about squeezing into a little booth with friends or even people you didn't know before the wedding, to take some silly photos. The bonus of a photo booth is that most of them offer immediate print outs so your guests can leave with a little souvenir.

Lancaster wedding photography man playing games at a wedding

8. Another simpler way of doing photos in an entertaining way at your wedding is to buy a bunch of disposable cameras and put one on each table. This not only allows guests to be in as many photos as they want, but also gives them a chance to get behind the camera. These cameras are incredibly good value for money at around £77 for a pack of ten.

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

9. Photo Props

Regardless of how you decide to do your photos, props are fantastic way to add a bit of extra fun to your pics. Scatter everything from fake moustaches to personalised signs around the tables and you will be sure your guests will be smiling without needing to say cheese!

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

10. For The little People

For the smaller people at your wedding why not provide them with some fun wedding ideas and entertainment that is just for them? A Punch and Judy show is a summery take on a wonderful British outdoor wedding reception, and you know you can leave the kiddies sat in front of the stage, entranced for the entire show.

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

11. Dancing the Night Away

We have all heard of professional first dances but that way, only you and your h2b get to have fun! Why not ask all your guests to join in with the routine by hiring a traditional Ceilidh band? Their faster, more energetic dance routines will give your reception the fun factor in a matter of seconds! Why not learn some popular first dance moves and share them with your guests before the day so they are prepared.

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

12. For the Big & Little Kids

Trying to organise the most creative wedding ideas on what feels like a tiny budget? Panic no more. The humble treasure hunt is making its comeback and not just for kids! Sure, it is a cost-effective way to keep little ones quiet during the speeches but why not switch the prizes to miniatures and lottery tickets and let the grown-ups get involved, too?!

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

13. Bouncy castle

The ultimate way to tire out children! And we guarantee after a few glasses of Prosecco even some of the older guests will attempt it later! Around £100 to hire, they are a budget-friendly addition to any summer celebration.

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

14. Say Cheese Gromit

DIY food never fails to go down well with guests at weddings and we think that the cheese fondue is the king of DIY food. All you need is one fondue set for each table and plenty of different bits for dipping, and everyone at your wedding will be dunking until their heart's content.

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

15. DIY Cocktail Bar

In the same vein as a fondue, a DIY cocktail bar is another fantastic way to keep everyone entertained, as well as making sure their glasses stay full. Stock up on a range of spirits, provide plenty of different mixers and garnishes, and chuck in a cocktail shaker or two for good measure, and your guests will fancy themselves as mixologists in no time.

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

16. Chocolate Fountain

No one ever tires of a chocolate fountain. They have been around for a while now, but they still just have a certain wow factor to them and work brilliantly as the centrepiece of a dessert table. Depending on your budget you can either buy a chocolate fountain, so you have one forever, or hire a huge one from the many companies that offer them.

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

17. Just Your Type

As an alternative to the traditional guest book, for a vintage or rustic themed wedding, an old typewriter is sure to raise the smiles of both the older and the younger members of your wedding party. Have them type by hand their own personalized messages of luck and love on your special day! But do not look at them just yet… instead, tie them up with old-fashioned string and read them on your first anniversary.

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

18. Table Games

Keep the chatter flowing during the wedding reception with some table games. These can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, from trivia games to Charades. A particular favourite, the Mr and Mrs quiz will see coupled up guests opening up about their partners and roaring with laughter in no time!

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

19. Prosecco Pong

There is so much formality at weddings and we love that. However, sometimes when the gentle sipping of Champagne is over and it is getting a little later in the evening, people start to want to let loose a little. This is where Prosecco pong comes into play. In no time it will have your guests getting competitive with people they have not met before, and downing glasses of fizz - what better way to bond!

Alternative wedding photography Lancashire

20. Casino

If it is a bit of after dinner glitz you are looking for at your wedding, why not hire a casino table so that your guests can have some fun Vegas-style. You do not need to worry about money changing hands as there are plenty of cashless casino options, with everything from roulette wheels to poker tables available.

If you are after an Alternative wedding photographer in Lancashire for your big day, please feel free to contact me!


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