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Abigail & Joshua Wedding at Bellavista

How it all started... Abigail & Joshua meet each other in the best pub I know...Wetherspoons, they do the best chocolate brownie I have ever tasted! They were both friends before they became a couple they used to meet up with a group once a month. But for Abigail, Josh was always her favourite, especially as the group got smaller.

At the time Joshua was in a relationship so it was purely platonic for 4 years until Joshua became single and Abigail was ready for a relationship. Abigail was having car problems and Joshua knew the right person for the job (his brother) He then helped Abigail move out of her apartment and they both started to see each other very differently.

5 years later it was time to move on to the next steps in their relationship Abigail was very close to asking Joshua to marry her out of sheer impatience. Joshua had had a lovely plan to get down on one knee in their favourite spot in Whitby. Sadly a storm hit and due to his impatience, Joshua decided to pivot his plan beautifully and they went for a late Valentine's steak dinner where Joshua popped the question in the restaurant and got a lovely big applause for everyone. Strangely, in mid-February, it snowed that day... which felt like fate as it was Abigail's favourite weather! The rest is history!

Here is a little preview of their big day...