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How To Find The Perfect Lancaster Wedding Photographer?

Lancaster Wedding Photographer bride and groom during their confetti shot

Here’s a piece of advice for you; your wedding photos are going to be the most treasured wedding keepsake. They’ll allow you to relive your big day and reminisce about all the special moments. When it comes to a wedding photographer, the stakes are kind of high because the flowers, cake, décor will be all gone once your day is over and the only thing you’ll be left with are the pictures. Therefore, it is super important to find the perfect Lancashire wedding photographer. You want someone you can completely trust, get along with and most importantly vibe with them.

So, how do you find the perfect Lancaster photographer for your wedding? Keep on reading, we have a few guidelines:

Lancashire Wedding Photographer bride getting out of the car

Figure Out The Style You Like

Different photographers have different aesthetics. Before you start hunting for a photographer, figure out what style of wedding photography you lean towards. Do you like more of a vintage aesthetic with washed-out tones? Or do you prefer bright, saturated photos? Head over to Pinterest and make yourself a little board to put your thoughts together.

Lancashire Wedding Photographer bride walking down the aisle

Ask Around In Your Social Circle

You probably have been to a lot of weddings before, so hit up your family and friends. Ask them for recommendations and feedback from the one they hired. They probably did their research too when looking for a photographer, so it’s a good way to start.

Lancashire Wedding Photographer bride and groom having a kiss

Make Sure to Check Portfolios

All wedding photographers have their portfolios uploaded on the website. Also, Instagram is another great place to look as well. Make sure you check each photographer’s portfolio to get an idea of their work.

Lancashire Wedding Photographer bride with bridesmaids

Conduct Interviews with your Favorites

Like we said earlier, it is important that you vibe with the photographer you hire. You are going to be spending a big chunk of your day with them, so the comfort level should be there. Do all your research beforehand and the ones you really like, ask them for an interview so you can test out the connection. Some important questions to ask during the interview are:

  • What’s your turnaround time?

  • Can we see some previous full wedding galleries?

  • Do you provide print?

  • Are you registered and licensed?

Once the technical questions are out of the way, you can start getting a bit more personal to figure out whether they are the right fit or not. We are wedding photographers ourselves and are happy to chat with our clients and do our best to make them feel comfortable.

Lancashire Wedding Photographer bride with dad

Schedule a Test Run

A test run before the big day is a great idea. Not only will this help you figure out if they are the right fit or not but will also give you an opportunity to get some engagement photos taken. We love interacting with couples during engagement shoots as it’s an opportunity for both of us to work together before the big day and see if the connection is there.

Those are all the tips we have. Just remember, hiring a wedding photographer is a major decision, so don’t try to rush it. Take your time and make the right decision. We offer Lancaster wedding photography, so if you are in the area make sure to hit us up!


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