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wedding photography

What’s kickin, chicken?

Time to get hitched and plan the gig of the century?


Lancashire-based wedding photographer

I am all in if you are both

Slightly crazy///a bit different/rebels at heart

All in for the party///the celebration///what really matters

Dance like everybody is watching but don’t give a shit

Want to get married in style

Do things your way/say f*ck no to a boring wedding     

So what's the crack?

Ok, here is how it works... I  wanna capture off, dancing like there's no tomorrow, mucky feet, moves like jagger, hair on your face... I wanna capture photos that make you relive  the HEARBETS, RE-TASTE the drinks and REHEAR THE beats. 


I want to capture you, doing you. No weird cheesy bits... 


I wanna get to know you so I can understand what makes you tick. If you are just looking for a supplier   = I am really not your guy. 

  • Cake Lover 

  • Coffee lover 

  • Pizza lover 

  • Cant cook wont cook 

  • Cider + Beer lover 

  • Saxophone 

  • thinks he can dance 

  • Looks after Autistic children 



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