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My Style


I’m Craig, and I am all for documentary style photography based in Lancaster so In other words; I capture things as they happen! I like to pass unnoticed, to blend in with the furniture and snap away whilst you are doing whatever the hell you fancy doing! I like my photographs to transmit genuineness and warmth.



My approach is always person-centred. (Which basically means that you are the boss!). You want me to take a picture of you doing a handstand whilst you are cutting your wedding cake? OK! As a child, you wanted to be a model and you want a few posy pictures? We can do that. You absolutely HAAAATE posing? No posing then! You wed, your way.



Oh! I am based in Lancaster but always happy to hit the road. Or a train, or a plane. Just take me anywhere!


About me



Three things you don’t really need to know but I am going to tell you anyways


1. I am married to a beautiful Spanish woman and I have two border terrorists at home, Ollie and Red. Red has won the Guinness World Record for the number of wees he can do in a day. (Not really, but he should!)


2. I am addicted to films and TV series! My favourites are probably Game of Throne and Power. Epic!


3. I love travelling. I visit Madrid regularly and my next destination is India!! The next one on the list would probably be the City of Petra. Looks frecking amazing!



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12 Morecambe Road, Lancaster,Lancashire



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