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about me
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about me

Welcome, fellow
oddball! Glad to have you here.

Hey hey, Craig in the house! Let's talk photography, people! Since your grandma tied the knot, photography's done a 180. Cheesy grins? So last season! It's all about that documentary style now (oh yeah, we're talking real-life action shots!). While some photographers promise to be invisible ninjas, let's face it – I'm no ninja, but I promise when you spot me (because, seriously, I'm not that sneaky), we're gonna rock your wedding like a boss (and you better bring that energy, remember?).

Up Close and personal

Unofficially diagnosed with ADHD (aka attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder) which basically means I am impulsive and restless as shit and have random ideas at random times I’ve just got into playing the saxophone and I am awesome (in my dreams!).

I've been dishing out care in the industry for over two decades, that's longer than some celebrities marriages.

could we be a match?

if you answer yes to:

-I'm plotting to have a gigantic, jaw-dropping cake on my wedding day, and I'll make sure to reserve a huge slice for my wedding photographer (Because if you don't he will just steal it!)

- When it comes to the dance floor, I'll be tearing it up and having the gig of a lifetime!

-Posed pictures? Not my style. I'm all about having a blast in front of the camera, creating awesome memories that'll make me say 'heck yes!' when I look back on them 20 years down the line!"

a's to q's

Answers to questions that no one asks. Ever.

How long do you stay?

The average is 10h (from bridal prep until a little passed the first dance - to capture some amazing moves)

What factors can influence your work?

Umm... basically if it's not happening, I can't capture it! (And vice versa!). E,g., people stressed out, kisses without love and half dances, etc.

How long does it take to deliver?

4 to 6 weeks

Can we have the RAW material?

Short answer no.

Do you edit the work yourself?

Yep, I edited aaaaall my own work.

How do you do your job? Do you work alone?

Like a ninja, without interfering (this is the only way to get natural results). I do work alone unless you book a 2nd shooter.

Do we have to give you food?

Obviously yes, and the more the better!! I am a gannet!

Do you take formal photos?

Yes, not my favourite part but I do take them if that's what you would like.


I'll bring the camera if you bring the energy!

If you're a good soul (chilled, easygoing, kind and friendly) who despises stiff, posed pictures, then you're my kind of crowd. Let's schedule a quick chat and take it from there.