Hey there, this is us.


We both spend an awful lot of time being silly and laughing at each other's silliness. 

We dream of living in the countryside with lots of land we can live off,  lots of dogs, a donkey and maybe a couple of pigs. ​

We sometimes call each other “tapas” and “fish and chips”. 

​We swear and eat pizza too much, too often!

We both have a superpower- we can drink more than 15 coffees a day and sleep like babies at night. An unhealthy obsession (ok, an addiction!!) can also be a superpower right? The point is- we always look at the bright side of things!


When we are not busy with weddings, we love to "Netflix and chill", get out and about and explore new places, and just spend time with friends + family  chatting over a cuppa/wine/beer/wine/beer/beer/beer.


Life is fun when we are together (yes, we like a bit of mushy romance and we are not afraid to say it!)


Down to business!

The serious stuff: ​

  • Craig is the lead photographer and the one in charge of the pictures at all times. He does all the edits and works his magic on them from start to finish. He is the one that will kick ass on your wedding day.

  • ​Deya is behind social media posts, blogs, etc. and provides free advice and consultation on a range of wedding related matter.

  • You will initially meet both of us on Zoom to go through your wishes and ideas.


We would love to hear from you if:

  • You are good souls (chilled, easy going, kind, friendly...all that jazz) and don’t take yourself seriously. 

  • You want a professional service but a friendly face, somebody chilled, like you!

  • You are not into posy pictures and stuff that feels unnatural. Full stop. 

  • You actually care about your wedding photography experience. You are not just looking for a supplier.  You have checked  us out and like our values and what we stand for. 

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What matters to us

What we stand for

Good enough ain't good enough: we strive to deliver the best service possible and go above and beyond to please our clients. 

Help to help: we genuinely like helping others and aim at making a positive impact on people, regardless of whether they book us or not. Feel free to get in touch if you need free, wedding-related advice.

Positivity or death: we always keep a positive attitude and outlook on things, at work and in our personal lives. Positivity is infectious and we have no doubt that people around us also benefit from this energy!

The power of relationships: we really value our relationships with clients and understand the importance of nurturing these by ensuring clear communication, interacting with honesty, listening with two ears, and making sure that YOU are at the centre of everything we do!

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Our style is documentary, which just means that you do you and we photograph it. No fuss, no stress. The photographs that you will get will reflect the story of your day, as it happened. We will take the time to get to know you before your wedding and find out more about who you are and what really matters to you. Together we will then put a plan in place that best meets your needs.

Photography has evolved since your grandma got married. Cheesy smiles are no longer in fashion (thankfully!) and documentary style is now the most popular. Whilst many photographers promise that you  and your guests will not even realise that they are there, we also promise that, when you do (because you inevitably will!) you will feel relaxed around us and it will be FUN. 

Our style