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Williamson Park wedding photography

Audrey & Erik Contacted me on Hitched on Wednesday for an Engagement shoot on Saturday, Erik was traveling from London and was only down for the day. And of course I jumped at the chance.

couple portrait at Williamson Park Lancaster

Williamson Park, located in the heart of Lancaster, is a picturesque location that offers stunning natural beauty and an abundance of backdrops that

make it an ideal location for wedding photography. The park boasts 54 acres of land, including a butterfly house, a lake, a fountain, a woodland area, and breathtaking views of Lancaster and the surrounding countryside. Whether you are planning a large, extravagant wedding or a small, intimate affair, Williamson Park is the perfect location to capture your special day.

As a Lancaster wedding photographer, I have had the pleasure of shooting weddings in Williamson Park, and I can attest to its beauty and versatility. The park offers a range of settings that can be tailored to your wedding theme, whether you are looking for a rustic, bohemian vibe or a more formal, elegant feel.

One of the highlights of the park is the Ashton Memorial, a stunning landmark that provides a grand backdrop for your wedding photos. The memorial features a grand dome and an ornate interior, making it a perfect location for formal portraits. Additionally, the surrounding gardens provide a beautiful setting for romantic couple shots.

The park's woodland area, with its winding paths and lush greenery, provides a natural and intimate setting for photos of the bride and groom. The lake, with its tranquil waters and surrounding foliage, offers a peaceful and serene setting for candid shots of the wedding party.

One of the most popular spots in the park for wedding photography is the Japanese Garden. The garden features a tranquil pond, wooden bridges, and a variety of plants and trees that provide a beautiful setting for photos. The vibrant colors of the garden make it a particularly great choice for spring and summer weddings.

Another unique feature of Williamson Park is the butterfly house, which offers an opportunity to capture some truly stunning and unique shots. The house is home to a variety of colorful butterflies and moths, and the natural light and bright colors of the butterflies make for some truly magical photos.

In addition to the natural beauty of the park, Williamson Park also offers a range of practical amenities for weddings, including ample parking and easy access for guests. The park is also home to The Pavilion, a stunning wedding venue that offers a beautiful setting for your ceremony and reception.

Overall, Williamson Park is an ideal location for wedding photography, offering a diverse range of settings and a natural, romantic ambiance. As a Lancaster wedding photographer, I highly recommend this park for couples who are looking for a beautiful and memorable location to capture their special day.

This engagement session started at Williamson park (Ashton Memorial) in Lancaster and then headed to cute cafe called The Herbarium. Here are some of my favourites ......

Lancashire wedding photographer bride and groom photos

Lancashire wedding photographer bride and groom photos

if you are looking for a lancaster wedding photographer please drop me a message

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